Family Vacation {Camping}

When I was growing up we camped a lot...and I mean a lot!  We would go to some of the best camp sites in Minnesota. My father is a carpenter, but he went to school to be a ranger {or something similar to that}, so he loves the woods.  As a child, he taught me about every type of tree and plant in the state.  I've been married for 11 years now, and we have never once gone camping!  After I left my parent's home, I decided it just wasn't for me. Well, now my girls are old enough to want to go.  So... off we went to Madeline Island in WI. Tent, bugs, campfire and all.  I really love this area in northern WI.  The Beaches are so beautiful!  We had a lovely time but, I think I we'll limit camping to once a year.  {ENJOY}


  1. SO STINKING CUTE!!! I seriously can't seem to get enough. Baby L is getting so big and she couldn't be more darling! I have really happy memories of summer vacation at Madeline Island also. :) So glad you guys found some time to break away!

  2. so cute!!!!!. wow very nice photography. that place is superb especially the beach photo is so nice.


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