Minneapolis Wedding Photographer {Amy & Michael}

I am so drawn to Amy and Michael. They are so relaxed, super sweet and really into each other. They took me to their church, Solomon's Porch in Minneapolis. I loved the feel and look, it was eclectic and funky looking with lots of comfy, vintage chairs and sofas. But, more than the great atmosphere, I loved that the church was significant to them. The day was so hot and muggy and I was worried about their outdoor ceremony, but it turned out beautifully. As soon as the ceremony started, a huge cool breeze blew into the Mill City Ruins and just as the music started, it got really dark and cotton seeds blew in like winter flurries. Amy looked gorgeous as the fine seeds came down around her {sounds cheesy, but it was so beautiful and moving!}. Just as the ceremony ended, the clouds parted. It was like a movie! Congratulations, Amy and Michael. {ENJOY}

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  1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2011

    Just amazing Erin! You captured Amy and Michael so well in these photos. You can feel the magic from that day! So BEAUTIFUL!! :)

  2. I love the couple in the warehouse!


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