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Hayley & Tony’s wedding is super glam, totally luxe, and amazingly beautiful! 

 We got a little insight from the bride: What inspired your wedding day outfits? My dress was pure fate–not the style I expected to end up with at all, but it was named after me (even spelled correctly–that never happens!) and I fell in love with it instantly upon trying it on. The groom’s suit was a long process, but ultimately, a last-second decision–we knew we wanted him in a blue (not navy) suit, but could not find the right color. In the end, I think the color we chose worked perfectly. I despise standard bridesmaid dresses and the stores they are sold in, so I didn’t even look there. We tried out a few styles, but these sparkly, purple evening gowns looked great on everyone, and were both fun and elegant. I lucked out on finding the junior bridesmaid dress online, which matched perfectly. The big, poofy flower girl dress, which I ordered on Etsy, also matched perfectly and was so adorable on my niece. I love fashion, so wardrobe was really fun for me. The grey of the girls’ shoes coordinated with the guys’ grey suits. The guys wore blue shirts with blue and purple ties and blue pocket squares; the groom wore grey and fuchsia shoes and a dark grey tie. The girls’ necklaces and bouquets brought in variety of color to their outfits, and the groom’s fuchsia boutonniere tied in with the girls and with his shoes. My shoes were sparkly and mostly purple and my brooch bouquet incorporated all of the blues, purples, and some yellow gold. Gold, copper, and brass were the accents throughout the decor: in the candles, chandeliers, wicker balls, cocktail hour linens, my jewelry and bouquet, etc. (The colors were also really well used on our invitations.) 

 What inspired your wedding decor? Why did you choose the things that you did? Aria is right down the street from where I lived throughout most of our dating time and I absolutely love the style of the warehouse district, so immediately upon seeing the venue, we knew it was perfect, and the style of it gave us a great launching pad for decor. As we began making decisions on wardrobe, our theme morphed into an old Hollywood style, though that was not the original intention. I definitely wanted a ombre of colors rather than just two or three, and jewel tones are always a go-to scheme for me–no pastels! The look, when brought all together, was very deep and rich, adding warmth to a large, cold venue like Aria. It also created the bonus of having my ivory dress stand out even more than usual, which was fun. The hundreds of candles, chandeliers, copper accents, and uplighting brought in the necessary light into the dark space. 5. 

What was your favorite part of the day? Any time I was twirling around in my dress I’ve never been an “I want to feel like a princess”-type person, but I loved that dress and was so excited to wear it. Also, the moment I walked into the reception from the cocktail hour, after they finished flipping the room and before any other people were in there, was a moment I will never forget. It was unbelievably beautiful (thanks to mimi) and better than I ever imagined. Really, though, the whole day was amazing. 

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