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We love Athena & Tom's Engagement Story!
We were nearing our 6 year anniversary, and Tom made special dinner reservations! He seemed very concerned with getting reservations ahead of time, which I thought was interesting because it was "just dinner". The night before he proposed, I actually gave Tom a lot of wine and asked him when he was going to propose. As all of the times before, he told me he needed to save up for it. Logical answer!

So the day of dinner, Tom, my mom, and sister kept messaging me all day! It seemed a bit odd, but I was busy at work so didn't think too much of it. We drove to the Galleria and had reservations at Pittsburgh Blue! I had never been there before (neither had Tom), but we were excited! 

Upon walking into the restaurant and getting to our table I was convinced that the employees were staring at me--but I probably wanted to think that! My heart wanted him to propose, but head figured he wouldn't. Anyways, we sat down and I ordered a bottle of wine! The waiter brought over a half bottle, and I thought "wow, this is a lame bottle!". Tom had actually pre-arranged a half bottle of champagne and started a toast to the past six years. He then said "but that's not all", and got down on one knee :D 

Tell us about your first date.
Tom and I met at DECA our senior year of high school! We texted for a little bit and then I invited him over to my house! It was supposed to be just him and I, some pizza, and a movie. But my big fat Greek family decided that we would ALL have dinner together! Tom and I didn't even know each other, so why not have everyone meet him? Yeah...awkward? But he did a wonderful job, especially knowing how intense my family is! He even had to cut the pizza for my family :)

Tell us what you like to do together. Do you have any weekly or monthly rituals?

We tend to watch a lot of's such a bad habit, but that being said, we just love to cuddle! We've started bike riding more often, and really enjoy when we actually go on an outdoors adventure. We also love board games, specifically ones that need strategy or instinct (like Settler's of Catan or Taboo).

Who wouldn't like these two!
We have two very different sides of our personality. We are mostly laid back, sweatpants and coffee kind of people. Other times, we love to get dressed up and have a fancy night out! We're very cuddly, relaxed, bubbly and silly people. We don't take things too seriously, but at the same time we are very mature and organized.


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